We're taking a Stanford Study/Travel trip to Washington D.C. that includes a cruise around Chesapeake Bay followed by a visit to Boston to see Becca and perhaps some of Ed's relatives. We'll update this Journal as we go along and have access to the internet.

Our journey begins with three days in Washington DC. We then board the American Star for a tour of Chesapeake Bay
The American Star has space for 86 passengers. Our cabin is on the third level complete with a small patio and barbeque....Well, it's possible! Here is a road map of our journey around Chesapeake Bay. One of the pleasant surprises we recently discovered was that we visit Colonial Williamsburg

Our architectural firm, Spencer, Lee and Busse, designed the Conference Center at Williamsburg along with adding to the guest accommodations. Here is the geneology...Ted Spencer was one of the early designers of facilities In Yosemite Valley. (You can read more about his relationship with Yosemite in the section on "We Celebrated Our Wedding Anniversary in Yosemite Valley.") As a result of the firm's associaton with Yosemite, we designed Jenny Lake Lodge and Colter Bay Village for the Grand Teton Lodge Company. The common denominator was Laurence Rockefeller, a member of the Yosemite Park and Curry Company Board of Directors and President of the Grand Teton Lodge Company. It just so happened that Rockefeller also had interests in Colonial Williamsburg. So we were blessed with excellent projects on both coasts. (Our philosophy was that "We should work for the best people in the best places.") The key to success, such as this, is to do good work and maintain a quality relationship with your clients. But I digress...back to our JOURNEY to WASHINGTON!

The day after we arrived we asked the concierge "what's new in DC" and were directed to the newly opened NEWSEUM. Aah, what is a Newseum you ask? It is a museum that, in this case, houses a fabulous collection of artifacts, movies and presentations related to one of our five basic freedoms as outlined in Article 1 of the Bill of Rights...The Freedom of the Press.

It is quite inspiring and imPRESSive. We recommend it highly. Plan to spend at least a week. Don't forget to visit the 4-D Theater.

On the left is a photo of our hotel, The Willard International, located at 14th and Pennsylvania. It was here that Julia Ward Howe wrote "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and Dr. Martin Luther King penned his famous "I have a dream" speech.

Probably because the hotel lobby was an important informal meeting place for congressmen and their "supporters" President Uluysses S. Grant coined the term "lobbiest."

This excursion was a prelude to our visit with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Later we'll share some of the conversation we had with her at dinner the following evening. We began the day in the Main Chambers hearing a presentation on the history of the Supreme Court. (No, unfortunately, the Court was not in session.) We also met with four Stanford graduates who are currently clerks for four of the justices. They spend their year assisting the justices in reducing the 8,000 or so appeals received each year down to the 300 the Court will hear. Great question and answer session. You are impressed by the quality of the young people and the importance of the work they are doing.

Barbara with Chief Justice John Marshall. You should know that she graduated from John Marshall High School...also known as "The Barristers." The United States Supreme Court Building May 15th 2008. Before 1935 the Court was located in the basement of the Capitol. This was obviously a giant step up. There are two of these five floor spiral stairways in the Supreme Court Building. I leaned over with my iPhone for this one.

Dinner with Sandra Day O'Connor
Due, in part, to the fact we knew Harry Rathbun, whom Sandra talked about in her formal address to the recently at Memorial Church...and the fact we both had lived in Arizona...we were invited to have dinner at her table.

After introductions she turned to me and said, "What do you do for a living?" On responding that I am an architect, she became quite animated. Justice O.Connor is very much interested in the field and had hired a "stuggling young architect" to design an adobe home for her and her husband in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This was early in their legal careers. She described in detail how they had made the bricks and the construction process of adobe home building.

During our conversation I asked if she knew Federal Judge P.G. Rosenblatt. She said, "of course," and added that his wife Shannon is a special lady. (P.G. and I were neighbors and good buddies at Prescott High.) She asked Barbara what her father did in Jerome (The Methodist Minister) and commented that she enjoyed dining at the House of Joy in Jerome, which was at one time a well known house of ill-repute. (Polite laughter all around.)

It was an unexpected pleasure and we feel quite honored. We'll add more details one of these days soon.

Justice O'Connor's Official Supreme Court photo



Only about 300 people a year are invited to visit the Archive Room that houses some of this nation's most exciting documents. Our group of nine spent over and hour being shown original manuscripts. These included the etter from G. Washington's nominating Thomas Jefferson to the Office of Secretary of State, and below Abraham Lincoln's letter appointing Ulysses S. Grant as the second ever Lt. General of the Army. The first was George Washington.


This is the National Archives Building in DC. A tremendous resource for students of American history.

Abraham Lincoln's letter appointing U.S. Grant a Lt. General in the U.S. Army
A photo we took of The White House just before departing for "Ball...more"

Colonial Williamsburg was our first stop. On the way back to the ship we stopped at Jamestown and Youngstown. We were totally immersed in the early history of the United States.

Lunch was at the King's Arms Restaurant frequented by fellow visitors G Washington, T. Jefferson, J. Adams and their Virginia buddies. This monument is at the site in Yorktown where Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington

Additional stops included such well know places on the East side of the Bay as Cambridge, Oxford, Tangier Island, Crisfield and St. Michael. (A Chesapeake oddity: The west side of the Bay has historically been spelled with a small "w" and the East with a large "E.") Over the years Chesapeake Bay has been a favorite gathering place for oysters, clams and blue crabs. Needless to say we got our fill...and then some...of great sea food!

Our restaurant in Tangier. It is anticipated that this island will be one of the first inundated as we globally warm. Blue crabs ready for cracking, but an "oh so reluctant" cracker! Emerging from Hilda Crockett's on Tangier Island. This island is the center one of the world's greatest crabbing regions. Notice the group of crabs above.

Our last stop before disembarking in "Ball..more" was Annapolis, Maryland, where we toured the Naval Academy. Should be a few pictures here somewhere. The picture we missed was the fly-over by the Blue Angels. (We stole the one below from the Google Guys.) We were there on graduation day and the fly-over is a tradition...only it is just one blazing low level flash of blue, not an air show. The visit was special for Bill. He was an "Aviation Midshipman" during his flight training days. The intent of this short lived Navy program was to turn out officers who would be the equivalent of Naval Academy graduates. (Two of our more illustrious members are Astronauts Neal Armstrong and Jin Lovell.)

The campus at the Naval Academy
The Blue Angels
And their admirers The Red Devils


Barbara and Stanford's Coordinator, Marilyn
Our Chesapeake Bay home
One of our talented lecturers and a stand-up comedian, Harold
Marilyn, Prof. Adrienne and Peter
(Last names later)
Baltimore where we began and ended our cruise on Chesapeake Bay
Fran & Flying Midshipman Norm Into





It was held at Jan & Ed's condo on April 19th 2008. Here are photographs of a few of the attendees.
Needless to say we were honored...and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Party Sponsors Matt, Jan & Curt
"Kitchen Help" Stan...the Official Wine Merchant
Honorees Barbara & Bill
Arlene & Melena
"Hurry up and take the picture! It's hard leaning like this!"
Ed and new Granddaughter Sophie
Bill's favorite foods...& things
Don't let this fool you. We're definitely not angels!


"Grand" Kenyon
Wileta Burch & Barbara Busse
Don Fitton & Jimbo Burch
Don & Ginny Fitton
Sam & Marilee Anderson
Noelle and Sierra Camp Buddy Nancy Adelman
Skip & Sue Hoyt
Anneke & Ray Dempsey


One of the pleasant surprises of the party was when Harry Wilbur Rodda, a partner of Bill's in Spencer Associates, Archtects & Planners,
read the below original poem. A number of you asked for a copy. so here it is!

An Ode to “Fussy Busse
by Harry Rodda


When I first met this old “codger”, this old man,

He was quite young, fit, athletic and had one hell of a tan

I was working in San Francisco for a man called Green

When Busse says “come on down, work for me

You’ll make a lot more money…you know what I mean

So, I leave my father figure to move back to the place of my school

Knowing that Bill Busse wouldn’t kid me, or let me down

he was no fool

Little did I know that at that time, there was no work in the office, the boards were bare

But, Busse…. not to worry, hell he didn’t care

“Er.., hem..cough, cough” Bill, I don’t want to be rude

but maybe I’m wrong…no. no, maybe I’m screwed

Bill….never changed his mood

But, not to fear,

with Busse at the helm, the future was clear

Rosy, always rosy



He said, “Why be down and despair, when there’s only tomorrow about which to worry,”

 not Bill, to him life was cush, fun warm and fuzzy and furry

Who is this person…….. Is he nuts,

But trust in Bill and you’ll find he doesn’t believe in ruts

 Is he crazy, I asked

and he wasn’t and he was not masked

I thought this man couldn’t be real or  true

He never complained, griped, never got  mad, sad or blue

So, I finally came to the conclusion that  he was and is the real deal

A person of honor, dedication, perfection, commitment and zeal

I’ve known him for ever,  for over 40 years

And for that none of us will have any tears

He says he’s only 81, but I know better of the life he’s run

He’s really 1o1

 And he’ll probably live forever, that son of gun

So, here’s to “Wild Bill Busse”, he still doesn’t steal, lie, he’s one hell of a man,

A person, once so young and oh so tan

Still a person who does not bend

One could not have a finer great-grandpa, grandpa, father, business partner or friend.

Aaron & Nathan with unknown admirer

Curt going for seconds...or thirds!

Jan & Monica congratulating each other
Maureen at The Creamery. We're still looking for a photo with Hubby Bill.
Terry holding forth with parents -in-law. (Could use a good caption!)
Saved for photo of Bill & Maureen



What a Great Stanford Basketball Season!
Click on "We Had a Great time!"
to see this year's "Journey to the Tourney,"


We celebrated our Wedding Anniversary in Yosemite Valley
That was in eary March of 2008. What anniversary you ask? The one just before the sixtieth which must make it the fifty-nineth. While in the Valley we reconnected with a bit of our past. Some of the folks who were instrumental in the develpopment of the facilities such as Camp Curry and the interior design motifs of the Ahwahnee Hotels player a major part in our lives.
More about that at the end of the photo show!

This is a photo of our balcony. Not too bad!
1927 was a banner year! Ask us why.
Looking toward our balcony from the inside out.
Half Dome from the meadow
In front of the "basket" mural designed by Jeannett Dyer Spencer
Half Dome a little closer up
Yosemite Falls
A photo of a photo of Don Tresidder
Yosemite Falls still falling

Jeannette was the wife of Ted Spencer, founder of our architectural firm, Spencer Associates. Ted started his practice in 1927 and over the years did much of the design work, (other than the Ahwahnee Hotel) in Yosemite Valley. His client was the Yosemite Park and Curry Company. (As an aside, Ted and Jeannette, along with Ansel and Virginia Adams, conceived of and produced the Bracebridge Dinner held annually in the Great Dinning Room of the Ahwahnee.) The head of YP&CCo. was Don Tressider, later to become President of Stanford University. Shortly after taking over at Stanford in 1943, he established the first university planning office anywhere in the United States. The challenge was to guide the campus development following World War II. That Director of Planning was none other than Ted Spencer. One of the major steps Ted took was inviting Louis Mumford to Stanford. Together he and Ted helped established the "Ten Planning Precepts for the Future of the University." Two key ideas were that "The Quad Shall Remain the Center of the Campus" and "Stanford is to Become a Pedestrian Campus."

Now how does all of this relate to us? Out of Stanford I went to work for Ted...first at the Planning Office and then in his architectural office in San Francisco. In 1960 Stanford's Business Manager, Alf Brandin, hired Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, a nationally noted architectural firn, to create a plan for the residential development of all of Stanford's foothills property, complete with schools, shopping centers, parks, etc. Alf was Stanford's young income wizard and wanted to increase the University's financial security. A noble goal, but it ran contrary to that of Ted Spencer. After a stormy confrontation that ended with a presentation by President Wally Sterling to the Board of Trustee, Alf's plan was squashed.

Don Tresidder had died of a heart attack in 1949 while on University business in New York City. His widow, Mary Curry Tressider, wanted Ted Spencer's firm to design a Student Union in her husband's memory. However, Alf Brandin would have none of it and took steps to select another architect. Well, two very strong individuals had a major confrontation. The outcome was that Ted's firm would design Tresidder Memorial Union with the understanding that Ted would not be involved with the project...instead it was to be designed by Bill Busse. Certainly a major turning point in my life. I thank all the players in the Tresidder drama for my good fortune. When Ted retired I became the Senior Partner and held that position until my retirement in 1988. Life certainly takes interesting twists and turns.




Here are a few Christmas scenes we'd like to share

Welcome to our Home in Palo Alto
A larger than your average wreath at Walers' Village on Maui
Yes, they have Christmas trees in Maui
This tree is about 10 feet tall
This one's a little smaller

We've had a very good year, as you can see by the following photographs....A GREAT GRANDSON, Birthdays, a Wedding, and some traveling. Our best wishes to you and your family for the coming year! Barbara & Bill



It's Birthday Time in Maui!

December 15th! Bill's Birthday!
Barbara & Bill stayed over two days for a great birthday celebration and
some tennis the next day. Like the man said, "It doesn't get much better!"

Eighty and Counting...The Three Amigos
Two of the Amigos leaving their kid behind

Eighty plus One: Hit with Max for an hour!
Take a look at
to see what Max does when he's not
teaching tennis.


December 10th! Barbara's Birthday!

Here are a few shots of the celebration. The cake was a contribution from the Westin.

Birthday celebration in Maui...December 10th 2007

"Birthday cake for breakfast?
You've got to be kidding!"

"Happy Birthday Mom/Mrs. "B"!"

Our good friend, Gordy De Smet, one of the Westin Managers at the Kaanapali Resort. Barbara & Gordy were both born on December 10th, but a few years apart!

Gordy sold us our first Timeshare on Maui on December 10th 2002.
That's Barbara on the fourth floor!

It's Christmas Time at Waler's Village...Kaanapali...Maui


One of the "Senior Busse" traditions is to spend a few days on Maui during early December. This year we suggested to Jan and Ed that they join us. This was two days before our departure when we found that the Westin had a vacancy that needed filling. It also happened that good friends Stan & Monica Hayes were staying nearby. The photo is of the group at the Sheraton after just having watched a native diver launch himself into the ocean from a nearby cliff. Stay tuned as we continue our birthday vacation!

The Gang enjoying a libation at the Sheraton



Congratulations Curt & Arlene!

Most of the immediate family was in Orlando for the wedding of Curt Busse
and Arlene Sanchez. Special guests included Nathan Thurlow and some
of Curt's friends from years gone bye. Here are a few of the folks!

A bunch of babes hanging out
with Nathan
West Coast representatives Jan...Ed...&...Barbara
Becca & Chris flew
down from Boston
What's a Wedding, Grannie Jannie?
"It doesn't take that much to
hold up a tree"

The Bride and her new

Best Man & Best Friend...Dave Riss
Joe Montana & Russ Rector
"These are the best Mouse Ears
we can do"

Matt with Cousin Grady & Vicki
from Grand Junction...Colorado

"You guys look like
Terry & Melena Busse"
In case you were wondering, they are definitely not "off their rockers"

Theses are a few photos to give you a bit of the flavor of Curt and Arlene's Big Affair.
As wedding and other great pix come in, they will be added and credit given to the photographers


Welcome Nathan William Thurlow!!!

On August 17th at 2:17 pm Noelle Thurlow gave birth to Nathan William.
He weighted in at 8 lbs. and 2 oz. and was 20.5 inches in length.

So Nathan, this is an introduction to a few of the people who greeted you at
the El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California.

With Mom on August 18th
With Dad & Mom
With Uncle Matt Thurlow
With Aunt Becca Chamberss
Your GREAT Grandma Busse
With Grannie Jannie Murphy
Your Grandpa Bob Thurlow
Your Great Grandpa William Busse

And below are an assortment of relatives you will know well by the time
you see this and subsequent albums, web sites, videos and
other forms of graphics not as yet invented.

Grandpa Ed & Grannie Jannie in Maui
Some of your illustrious family at Grandma & Grandpa's home on Ramona Street
Plan on having a good time with the gang in Maui
"You'll like ice cream cones!"
Great Aunt Arlene & Great Uncle Curt
"Hey Nathan...come on out and play!"
"Want a ride in my Red Car?"
Your baby shower cake.
Design by Grannie Jannie
Your loving Aunt Becca


...Old Man River...

In July of 2007 Barbara and Bill took a trip from Minneapolis to St. Louis aboard the DELTA QUEEN.

Here are a few pictues which focus on the Misssissssippi River, Mark Twain, and a few of our fellow passsengers.

Heading down The Mississippi
Leaving a lock
A tributary coming to meet us
Docked in Davenport, Iowa
The Flag of the Great State of Iowa
A Fort on the Misssissippi

Old Man River...Just Keeps Rollin' along

A dam and lock on the Mississsippi
The Paddle Wheel at Sunset

A little more about our trip on "Old Man River."

Aboard were folks from Stanford, The Smithsonian Institute and The Historic Preservation Society. Each organization had one lecturer aboard, so we were well informed about the Mississippi River, about Mark Twain and about related musicals such as "Show Boat" and "Meet Me In St. Louis." A four piece jazz band, plus two singers and a banjo player (who doubled as our tour director) royally entertained us during the trip. The pianist also played the steam calliope when we left port or entered a lock...during daylight hours. (We passsed through 23 locks.) There were a total of 117 passengers aboard, plus a large talented staff.

We visited the Mark Twain Museum in Hannibal. Samuel Clements lived in Hannibal from age 7 to 17. The following are sketches Norman Rockwell did for an edition of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." He visited Hannibal to be sure his sketches of the Cave, Tom's Home, and the famous "Whitewashed" fence were all accurate.

The Museum in Hannibal, MO
In the cave just before the candle went out
The Smokers
In the picture above our docent was pointing out the expression on Becky's face. Norman Rockwell Painting .White Washing
Looking for Tom & Becky
Tom had confessed to something Becky had done. Gallantry at an early age.
Tom taking his medicine
"Don't tell anybody...I'm goin' fishing!"

Some of the Travelers and Crew

Mike on the banjo
Francis McGregor...Lecturer
Richard Fagen & Deborah Bundy
Tony preparing to play the Steam Calliope
At the keyboard
Barbara & Sam...just a rockin'
At the St. Louis Arch
Don & Arlene...Hamilton Neighbors
Millie & Sam

We learned a lot and enjoyed each other's company. It was a great trip!




A Navel Engagement
View from Cravens
A Coke at the Buttercup
Camp Director Dave
Wanta bite?
Ex-Neighbor Don Barr
Terry & Matt...Alone at Last
Amanda & Melena
Kieth at Rest
Vince Booth & Friend Lifeguarding
Multiple Sculls Just Waiting for Scullers
The Boys of Summer...Keenan & Michael


...Aloha from Maui...

Here we are in paradise celebrating Barbara's birthday. The entire family of 13 is in attendance...Curt & Arlene from Puerto Rico...Becca from Boston University...Matt, Terry, Melena and Keenan from Davis...Noelle & Aaron from Los Altos...Jan & Ed and Barbara & Bill from Palo Alto. It's great to all be together and to celebrate a special day in the life of a fabulous wife, mother and grandmother. Here are a few photos of our first day. Stay tune as we move on!

The birthday girl enjoying the good life!
The birthday girl and her friend
The view from our deck
Melena teaching Curt to swim
Let me tell you about my friend in Boston!
Of course, I like Maui...what did you think?
Noelle & Aaron at home in Maui
Curt & Arlene stopped in LA for Tee Shirts
Bruin fans can be a little obnoxious!

Here are a few more photos of the Busse clan in Maui. Everyone is doing fine, except that Barbara's back and knee are causing her fits. We have tickets to the Luau at the Royal Lahina this evening and hope she can make it. Melena and Keenan are having a ball as are their cousins and other assorted relatives. Aloha once again!

Birthday flowers
This is beautiful place!
More birthday flowers
You gotta be kidding! Slides are for kids!
Melena & Kennan's Mom
I'll do the hula, but not the water ballet We had a surprise visit from Stan & Monica The kids enjoying life on the Western Slope
This is my Sugar Cane Train
The dynamic tennis duo...Becca & Jan

It's about time to call an end to our Hawaiian Holiday. This evening we venture to the Cannery to celebrate the November birthdays of Noelle, Keenan, and Melena. We will also acknowledge two wedding anniversaries...or near anniversaries...Ed & Jan on September 17th and Matt & Terry on December 17th. Also, big news is the December graduation of Becca Chambers with an MA in Education from Boston University. The December birthdays are Aaron on December 22nd and Bill on December 15th...a few years ago. Here are the final photos from Maui. ALOHA!

Our friends from Puerto Rico
One Hybisci
Aaron making a it seems
Becca on the phone to Boston?
We love the pool!
And Terry loves the water slide
Ed & Jan in Paradise
Melena showing off her candy lei
Uncle Curt reading about Honu, The Turtle

ALOHA & Mele Kalikimaka from the Busse Clan...2006


BACK HOME from our travels and off to SIERRA CAMP! Here are a few shots of "Life at Fallen Leaf Lake."

Barbara & I have been coming here with our children, Curt, Janet and Matt...our granddaughters, Noelle & Rebecca...and our current crowd Matt, Terry, Melena & Keenan since 1964. We'll send you a running commentary between our walks, meals, tennis games, naps and general family fun.

...DAY ONE...JULY 23rd...2006...We always go to Craven's first!
Look out for some great photos!
Skittles at Craven's
Grandpa gets one
I traded my head for a fishing pole!

Here's where they implant the electrodes (Courtesy of Curt Busse)

Kickin' back at the Fountain Patio
I recommend the brownies!
A mountain bouquet near our cabin
Hurry up guys! I want to go swimming!
DAY 2 at STANFORD SIERRA CAMP...2006...Melena & Keenan are getting into it big time. Today includes boat trips, visits to the fire station, swimming and general snooping around. Since they have bag lunches, this noon is an adults eating outing. Should be peaceful and quiet...relatively that is. (Feel free to recommend photo captions for any of the pictures)
Man, what an ugly camera!
Falling Leaves before they fell on Falling Leaf Lake
I'm learning how to play the bag pipe
A mellowed-out Munchkin
More Fallen Leaf Flowers
Of course I'm a Super Snooper!

Care for a dirty Munchkin foot?

Barbara says, "This is a Cool Dude "
...and this is not a Cool Dude!
DAY 3 at STANFORD SIERRA CAMP...2006... We begin today with a typical morning at SSC. Barbara and Bill take a walk to the other side of the lake...Matt & Melena go for an early morning dip...we all scarf down a big breakfast and then settle in for a rigorous day of kicking back. Take a look.
What a beautiful place!
This is how Dad taught me to ruin Grandpa's pictures
This is for the Swim Suit Issue
This is my best CALVIN imitation
Another "light" breakfast
The yogurt and bagel kid
My morning's exercise
We had corn-on-the-cob for lunch

In these mountains the running is all down hill!


DAY 4 at STANFORD SIERRA CAMP...2006...Fun & Games at Baby Beach
Breakfast doesn't get much better than two of these guys!
Decked out at Ponderosa "A"
Yeah, we're here and you're not!
We're both treading water!
Morning on the Lake
On the road to Craven's
Come on in all you flat-arches!
We'd just as soon sit here and smooch!
Harris & Keenan preparing for the big sand castle build-off


A Sierra Camp Interlude for Noelle & Becca..."Down Memory Lane"
White Fir "B"...Those are your bedroom windows
The one...the only...the original Craven's Store!
Fun and Games in The Old Lodge
The two most important words...HIT IT!!
We couldn't find a capsized boat anywhere
The Lodge.... Lots of food and fun
Root beer float, anyone?
The girls in an earlier life!
I'm just waiting for Noelle & Becca

In the immortal words of Rebecca Chambers, "WEEK 11 FOREVER!!!"


No, I don't want colored eyes!
Jo & Mel with the latest hair fashion
The latest hair fashion going south
Egg droppers...Man your stations No way those eggs are going to survive!
Dr. Seuss & friends
Row...row...your Snooper boat
Melena & Josephine graduate from Snoopers
The graduation
Camp Director Dave Bunnett passing the collection plate
Tranquility at Fallen Leaf Lake as the Week 7 campers depart
We're already looking forward to next year!






HOOKY DAY! We took the day off and observed Santorini from a distance. Curt & Arlene spent the day on the Island. We'll add a few of their photos later. Santorini is part of what remains of a catastrophic volcanic eruption in about 1600 BC. The explosion and tidal wave may have destroyed Crete's Minoan civilization. It may also have led to the birth of the myth of the lost continent of Atlantis. Santorini is a variation on Saint Irene.

A view of Santorini from the ship
The Greek answer to Jerome, Arizona
On of Arlene's great artistic endeavors
Achillies before the heel problem
Someplace in Dubrovnik
Curt thinking about buying a new suit



ALL ROADS LEAD TO RHODES...30 May...Here are a few slides of Rhodes, the third largest of the hundreds of Greek Islands. The fortifications were built during the period the island was the home of the Crusaders, the Knights of St. John...See our recent e-mail for more information.

One of five entry gates to the Old City
Typical stone vaults
We understand these were used to bury the children of ancient Rhodes
Man the ramparts! Here comes Suleyman the Magnificent!
Stay tuned for a photo of Arlene riding a donkey to the top of Lindos Castle
A little giddy after 25 days in close quarters
Let's head for the lagoon!
What's so funny, Dude?

TODAY...29 May...WE ARRIVED IN KUSADASI, TURKEY. We took one of the 50 buses from this ship to the ruins of Ephesus. Ephesus was a city of some 250,000 residents. It boggles the mind to realize what people back then could accomplish. Here are a few photos of now and then.

Arlene and Curt planning the day
Kusadasi with our buses at the ready
A colonade before the people arrived
A construction Detail
Red poppies along the way
Some of the folks from the Golden Princess
Another construction detail Checking out the architecture of the library
Yes, this is on the quiz!

HELLO FROM MYKONOS (MICK-ko-nose)! This is a large Greek Island which is part of the Cyclades. The Cyclades form a circle around the sacred island of Delos. Curt & Arlene visited Delos today...May 28...and should return with some great photographs. In the meantime here are a few we took during our visit to Mykonos City. A "brilliant" culture began here early in recorded history...predating the Minoan civilization on Crete.

A pooch guarding the shop!
In Greece everything is blue and white
The Harbor of Mykonos
Greecian windmills
More Greecian windmills
We must have walked four miles... all uphill!
A view aft from D109
Now that's a passagway...900 feet long!l
A view from our deck



HERE ARE A FEW PICTURES WE TOOK TODAY IN KATAKOLON. (May 27, 2006)This sleepy Greek fishing village is the gateway to Olympus. Look for some photos of our Olympic participants tomorrow...or the next day. (Curt left his digital camera on the bus and we'll have to wait until Arlene's old fashioned photos are developed.) Stay tuned!

The view from our cabin...9 levels up
The best place to live is above the shop
...or next door to it!
Bouganville abounds in this climate
They even have petunias
Barbara shopping in Katakolon
Our Boat
A future Melena Mecouri
Take a bow!



St. Marks Square before the crowds
How about this boat?
Going Gondoling...A Self Portrait
Dubrovnik...Fire when ready!
My castle
A Fortress in Dubrovnik
A Garden in Dubrovnik
Stanford in Croatia
A Dubrovnik Harbor


This ancient and beautiful city on the Adriatic was severely damaged during the war with Serbia in 1991-92. We asked the guide how people reacted to the sudden death of Milosovic. Her response was that "they were very disappointed." This surprised us until she added that they wanted him to be summarily punished for his crimes against their country. Understandable.

Here are a few pictures...first of our leaving Venice, then dinner on the Golden Princess with Curt & Arlene and today a visit to Dubrovnic.

Arrivederci Venice
Joining Arlene & Curt for dinner
Early morning along the Adriatic
Approaching Dubrovnik
Anyone remember the Maasdam?
The Old City...On our, way to Cavtat
A bridge from the Golden Princess
Relaxing on the deck. Not too bad!
Barbara's view



Our big excursion today (Sunday May 21) was to visit the Peggy Guggenheim Museum & Sculpture Garden. The collection was fabulous! It included Picasso, Klee, Miro, Dali, Calder, Pollack and many others.We beat the crowd and had a wonderful time. Here are a few slides taken in and around the Sculpture Garden. "Sorry, no photographing allowed in the Museum." Ask Barbara about Peggy Guggenheim. She's reading the book as we to speak.

Through the glass sculpture
Barbara through the wrought iron gate
A view from the Garden
A very important sculpture
Barbara & Bill resting
So long for now!


When we arrived we took a water taxi from Aeroporto Marco Polo directly to the door of the Danieli Hotel.  What a unique experience!  Our hotel was originally constructed in the 17th century…with a few upgrades since.  It is located about 100 meters from Piazza San Marco, the place where all the tourists and pigeons assemble.  This is truly cosmopotalia!  The six piece orchestra by the Square was playing an upbeat rendition of “Sweet Georgia Brown” to the delight of hordes of Japanese tourists…with a few Germans, French, and Americans thrown in…not to mention hundreds of school children waiting at the Doges Palace and ice cream stands.  (Ask Barbara to give you a detailed report on the doings of the Doge! She's reading "Venice." )


The Flags of Venice & Italy

Barbara's belated Mother's Day dinner
Hand-in-hand down Memory Lane
A proud Father on Mother's Day
A view from our Mother's Day Restaurant
Typically Venetian
Just before the crash!
A visit to the Glass Factory
The return ride to somewhere in Venice
Lost...just as Becca suggested!


Following Bruges we spent three days on our own in BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. One of the interesting facts about Brussels is that the predominate language is French. It's easy to feel a bit inferior here. We had breakfast at a small cafe where the waitress spoke fluent English. (She had spent a year in New York City and is anxious to return.) In addition, she was fluent in French...of course, German (She was born there) and Turkish...she grew up in Turkey. At present she is studying Portuguese. I REST MY CASE.

A few photos showing the contrast between the old architecture and the more contemporary

One of many cathedrals & churchs. Brussels is 90 per cent Catholic
One of four similar wings of a shopping mall
A close up. (This may be obvious)
This contemporary Office Building blends with the Cathedral
Interior view of the Cathedral
Interior of Air Terminal

We are took a Travel/Study Trip with the

Stanford Alumni Association...May 4 to 16...2006.

Here are a few photos

This is supposed to be Rembrandt in Tulips
A bridge in Rotterdam
Having dinner with Capt. Ripson


This is Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring"
Modern Sculpture
Rembrandt's "Night Watch" in Ceramic
We saw lots of flowers



That's Barbara boarding our boat
The View from the Boat Dock
"You may have to duck a bit"
Our fellow passengers
SU Prof. Gary Ernst and Norm Robinson
Being greeted by fido
As idyllic as it gets
A church we visited later
Pure beauty that took 2 centuries to build






We left 935 Ramona Street on October 10th...2005 after living there 29 years.




This is Melena saying goodbye
555 Entry
Keenan & Melena at 555 Byron St.
Jan at Home Painting
The Living Room
Relaxing at Home!


A Visit with Craig & Mikaela Barnes

Lily Lake, Colorado...May 2005

A View from the Deck
Now where is that irrigation ditch?
Colorado Rockies
A Concert by Mikaela
Craig looking over the Ranch
The Sing-a-Long!
Lily Lake...California!
Mikaela and the Sound of Music
Watch out, Charlie Brown!!


Easter Fun at the Palo Alto Busses


Fairly new is a report from our trip to the Stanford Sierra Camp in 2004 and later a trip to the basketball tournament in Maui

Also take a look at the article on Bill & Barbara in the 25th Edition of the Palo Alto Weekly


Bill has been lax in keeping this web site up to date, but here we go!

It's about time, Grandpa!
I agree with Leenie!
Then, bring it on, Grandpa!

Okay are some late photos

Jan at work in her condo
Becca has a new car!
Keenan...the ice cream kid!
A gift from Terry. Love it!
The Group at 935 Ramona St.
Keenan & Friend on a climb.




Matt, Terry, Melena, Keenan, Marley and Stickey

now reside at 217 Ipanema Place in Davis California.

Melena at work
217 Ipanema Place
Sierra Camp 2003




Keenan was born early in the morning on November 4th 2002. Terry was in labor for 2 hours, not counting lots of false labor, while Keenan was deciding "whether or not to set up permanent residence." That was according to his Dad, Matt.

"I think we'll keep him!"
KEENAN at 2 days old!
"WOW! A little brother!"



Earlier family news was Noelle's marriage to Aaron Thurlow on August 10th, 2002.



Some time ago we put up our trip through the North Atlantic. Some great pictures of Barbara, Noelle and Rebecca and some amazing shots as we took the Journey of the Vikings from Norway to the Shetland Islands to the Faroe Islands to Iceland and to Greenland. Join was an extraordinary trip!

Also, go to the Navy Experience and learn about Bill and Barbara's early days including how they met at USC when Bill was in the Navy and their lives together up until now,including Flying Midshipmen Reunion photos. It's good history!


If you are interested in some of our other adventures visit

MACHU PICCHU and the AMAZON BASIN.......May 2002


We are also updating our Prescott, Arizona, "Everybody's Hometown" web page to include recent Class of '45 Reunions.

Christmas 2002 we put our Holiday letter on the web and sent the URL to family and friends. It seemed to work so we'll plan to do it again in 2003. So here is Christmas Letter 2003...followed by Seasons Greetings 2004



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